Small Middle Eastern car company Zarooq has just unveiled its potent off-roader dubbed the Sand Racer. While the car has been designed with a focus on tackling some of the world’s toughest terrain, it is completely road legal. ZAROOQ_SANDRACER_three_quarter

The Zarooq Sand Racer has been designed in the United Arab Emirates by Anthony Jannarelly who also designed the Lykan Hypersport. Beneath the skin, the car features a performance steel chassis and the engine is centrally-mounted. That engine is a 3.5-litre V6 pumping out between 300 and 500 hp depending on specification.


Alongside the impressive engine, the Sand Racer has been designed to be very light and therefore utilises a number of components produced from lightweight carbon fibre. All told, it tips the scales at a mere 950 kg.

Zarooq claims that the first deliveries will commence in early 2016 with pre-orders already open.

By: GTSpirit