Due to their nature as bespoke, built-to-order hyper cars, every single Koenigsegg that leaves the factory is a one-off. So the word is used in rather a large sense. This Koenigsegg Agera N, however, does deserve to be called a one-off. It gets, after all, its own unique designation.

One-Off Koenigsegg Agera N Spotted for Sale
One-Off Koenigsegg Agera N Spotted for Sale  

The ’N’ in Koenigsegg Agera N does not stand for anything significant as far as we are aware, though one could say it stands for ‘New’ because of the deep modifications applied to the car. This unique machine started life as a normal 2011 Agera belonging to a British businessman. When he sold it in 2014, though, the new owner had Koenigsegg modify the car and fit it with new features. That’s when it became the Agera N.

One-Off Koenigsegg Agera N Spotted for Sale-Interior

Among the main highlights of Koenigsegg Agera N there are a set of exquisite carbon fiber wheels, new side mirrors, and smoked lights, all of which borrowed from the One:1 model. The N is powered by a 1,140 horsepower version of Koenigsegg’s V8 powertrain, but it’s fitted with an inconel exhaust system complete with N logos on the mufflers. Despite the changes, the Agera N will always remain a British-spec model as it’s a right-hand-drive car.

One-Off Koenigsegg Agera N Spotted for Sale-frontview

One-Off Koenigsegg Agera N Spotted for Sale-Rear

This car is up for grabs at London-based super car dealer SuperVettura with 5,500 miles on the clock for a nice £1,200,000.  By: motorward