Given that just 100 units of the Pagani Huayra coupe are being produced, it seems inevitable that it will become a highly-desirable collector’s car in the future. As it is so rare, it is very uncommon to see second-hand units hitting the market, particularly in the United States.

One-Off Pagani Huayra 730S For Sale In Beverly Hills

 However, the one-off 2014 Huayra 730S Edition built for producer Alejandro Salomon is for sale at McLaren Beverly Hills.

Salomon, who produced both the Ferrari Big 5 and Hyper5 series, announced that he is parting ways with his custom-made Huayra on his YouTube channel.

He says that in about two years time, he will replace it with another Pagani. It won’t be the upcoming Huayra Roadster nor hardcore coupe variant, though, but a yet-unknown model.

One-Off Pagani Huayra 730S For Sale - rear

The Huayra 730S was ordered to mimic the look of the Pagani Zonda Tricolore and therefore is adorned with blue carbon fiber bodywork. It also sports bright gold wheels, an Italian flag-inspired livery, brake calipers painted in the colors of the Italian flag and an interior appointed in the world’s finest blue leather, carbon fiber and aluminum.

Interested parties will have to inquire themselves for the price tag, but the answer will probably be a number in excess of $2 million. By: carscoops