We know Ford has said the production numbers for its new turbocharged GT are supposed to be kept very low (250 per year was the figure we know to have been proliferated). From that total production number, a new report suggests just 100 will make it to the States.


As we already know, Ford will select its buyers, like Ferrari did for the Enzo, LaFerrari and other uber-limited models, from a pool of applicants.

Aside from this report published by AutoWeek, the UK’s Autocar is reporting that of the remaining 150, just 20 examples will make it to the British Isles. It’s therefor accurate to predict that similarly-sized markets in Europe may get a comparable number allocated.
But we don’t even know how many they’ll make yet. The Ford GT is set to go into production towards the end of next year, so while they did show what looks like a finished car, we still have a while to wait before everything is detailed and confirmed. By: CarsCoops