A few days ago super car hunters in Paris scooped what is, to all intents and purposes, the automotive equivalent of a bigfoot! It was an orange Porsche 959 making its way out of an underground car park. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.


 This orange Porsche 959 is reportedly part of a seven-car 959 collection ordered by a rich Qatari Sheikh back in the 80s. Apparently the man wanted seven 959s, one for each day of the week, each one in a unique and fairly crazy color. There is an orange one, a dark red one, a light red one, a purple one, a dark brown, a gold-colored 959, and another mysterious one nobody has seen yet!


What’s particularly interesting about this orange Porsche 959, and of course all the others in this collection, is that the exclusive color of the exterior is also used to garnish the wheels and the interior. The Sheikh evidently wanted to be unique so bad, he was ready to sit in a completely orange interior for it.

Porsche 959 is of course one of the all-time great automotive icons. The car is regarded by many as the first true modern super car. Some say back the 959 caused as big a stir back in the 80s as the 918 does today. It was so sophisticated for its day, it took people a while to realize its genius. By: motorward