The 85 engineers of the Roy Sjoberg-led Team Viper began development of the first Dodge Viper back in March 1989. Fast-forward to the beginning of retail shipments in January 1992 and then take a minute to admire the RT/10 survivor in the adjacent photo gallery. Would you believe that this brute was driven only 493 miles (793 km) in more than two decades?

Original Dodge Viper RT/10 Shows 493 Miles on the Clock

Offered for a bottom line as-is price of $58,500 by RK Motors Charlotte, this 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 is a two-owner machine with detailed history to back up the 493 miles shown on its bright orange odometer. Believe it or not, this is as showroom-fresh as the original Viper can get in this day and age. Forget the current-gen model – if you’re after sheer audaciousness, this is your type of car.

The Viper Bright Red paint is as original as it gets and there’s not a blemish in sight. Even the folding top is in perfect nick, complete with the side curtains and removable rear window. The original owner paid $50k plus $3,300 in optional equipment and a $700 destination charge. What it means it that this unadultered example of the breed is just $4,500 more expensive than it was in the moment it left the showroom floor.



Speaking of optional extras, the most notable feature comes in the guise of an air conditioning system. What? It was the ’90s, you know. Under the hood it’s all business – naturally-aspirated 8-liter V10 motor, 400 horsepower, a Borg Warner T56 6-speed manual spinning a Dana 44 limited-slip diff, and a rack-and-pinion steering box. Do you know the original Viper’s “what do we say to anti-lock brakes” joke? Not today!


If that didn’t scare you, maybe the size of the rear XGTZ speed-rated directional tires will – they’re mammoth 335/35Z R17 units, a pretty hard to find tire these days. For overly manly men with sufficient greenback to keep this bad boy Mopar machine rolling, the first-gen Dodge Viper is a mechanical beast that can be tamed both on the road and in the garage if you can manage to keep your right foot away from the floorboard. And let’s face it – it’s way cooler than the modern Viper although we love the new kid as well. By: autoevolution