Conquering the Green Hell’s corners in the least possible amount of time was (and still is) an Olympic sport amongst car makers.

Year after year, the average lap time gets considerably lowered, as super-machines manage mind-boggling performances. Still, the road-legal Nürburgring lap record was held (for quite some time) by the Radical SR8LM, but not anymore (presumably).

Pagani Allegedly Sets New Nordschleife Record With Zonda Revolucion

The only problem is the vehicle isn’t quite road-legal everywhere, especially as it’s based on the Zonda R – a previous Nurbrgring gold performer. Chugging out around 800 hp from its 6.0-litre, AMG-enhanced V12, the carbon-fiber automobile managed to go 17 seconds faster around the track than the car it’s constructed on.

Pagani Zolda-RevolucionPagani Zolda-Revolucion

But the real question left to be answered is how did Pagani score such an incredible time with the Revolucion, since the German circuit is still governed by speed limits?
By: Carscoops