The sleek two-door sports coupe is the stunning work of artist Vladimir Panchenko. Unfortunately, the Peregrine 3 only exists in the digital world, but with visual cues this eye-catching…perhaps its electronic state is only a temporary issue.

Peregrine 3 Concept by Vladimir Panchenko

We recently caught up with Panchenko to understand his vision for the coupe, which he describes as a limited production muscle car, but with the additional class and comfort of a grand tourer. Peregrine 3 Concept by Vladimir Panchenko-3 Peregrine 3 Concept by Vladimir Panchenko-2

“Of course I was inspired by the Camaro and Ford Mustang, but also the Mercedes and BMW sports coupes,” notes Panchenko. As for envisioned performance, “the car would have all-wheel-drive and enough power to compete with supercars.” Those may be lofty aspirations, however the Peregrine 3 certainly backs up that performance in the styling department.

Peregrine 3 Concept by Vladimir Panchenko-rear

The concept car hints at a number of current and past auto designs that each work quite well on their own. For instance, the aggressive nostrils almost reminisce the Pontiac Firebird. The headlights and body proportions have an air of Bentley Continental GT—a very good starting point. The sweeping rear end sports a capacious boot, which almost evokes the image of a falcon’s head and beak.

Add together the humongous brake calipers, sultry five-spoke wheels, low-slung stance, and this recipe makes for one incredible muscle coupe.

 Source: Behance, Vladimir Panchenko / boldride