Peugeot has announced that they are going to tackle the famous Pikes Peak race this year with an all-new 208 T16 and one very famous driver – the most successful rally driver in WRC history with 9 consecutive title wins – Sebastien Loeb.

Peugeot  208-T16

Though the car may bear the name 208, it only shares that badge and a few design cues with the road-going car, though the Pikes Peak challengers need not bare any resemblance to road cars at all, they only do so for promotional reasons. Using the famous T16 name previously seen on the 205 & 405 T16 Group B rally cars, the 208 T16 will compete in the Unlimited class at Pikes Peak on the 30th June.

Featuring an all carbon fibre body, the 208 T16 has a serious aerodynamic makeover with a massive front splitter, rear diffuser and carbon rear wing along with a ventilated bonnet, extended side skirts and a roof scoop. Though the specifications haven’t been released yet, we can only assume that the T16 is mid-engined as the front only has room for two massive radiators and cooling fans.

Peugeot  208-T16 rear

Normally cars in the Unlimited class run upwards of 700 bhp from turbocharged engines and given how much money Peugeot and Red Bull are ploughing into the project we would expect the 208 T16 to be the very top of its game. They aren’t going to turn up with a name like T16 and Loeb as a driver and not expect to win.

We are looking forward to seeing the footage of the 208 T16 in action with Loeb behind the wheel and we’re sure that with Red Bull behind it the videos will be online within minutes of finishing, if not streaming live. We’ll post it up as soon as we know. By: Botb