Peugeot slowly renounces its diesel-hybrid powertrain. The automotive industry is a dog eats dog world where automobiles incapable of making a profit are put out of their misery. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which car maker has the most powerful or the most efficient line-up, but who’s making a profit – an impediment for the 508 RHX and the 3008 Hybrid.

Speaking with Autocar, Peugeot’s CEO – Maxime Picat – mentioned that these types of engines aren’t cheap enough to develop for the small number of markets that they appeal to, stating:
“It is not efficient in terms of economy of scale and we know these new energies are costly to develop. We have to make sure we have the same technical solution for Europe, for China, for Norway, for all the countries.”
Moreover, as Peugeot tries to focus its energy on offering the same engines for a wide variety of markets, the diesel-electric option represents just a small, unprofitable fraction of the entire scheme, as Picat continues:

“You have a really efficient diesel [engine] in terms of CO2 plus the hybrid but where you are in countries where there is no diesel you have to redevelop.”

Of course, France’s latest moral stance against diesel engines may have something to do with this decision as well. As you might know, the French government wants to gradually phase out the use of diesel passenger automobiles.

The CEO didn’t say if the technology will be killed-off before the 508 is replaced – somewhere in 2017 – but it will certainly remain a thing of the past after this ordeal is over. By: Carscoops