The Brits, especially their rock stars, are huge fans of custom Ferraris. It is appropriate, then, that Pininfarina decided to display their magnificent Sergio concept in a prominent location in London, probably as a reminder that they are the masters of coachbulding when Ferrari is involved.


Pininfarina Sergio Concept, a unique design study based on Ferrari 458 Italia created to commemorate Sergio Pinifarina, is currently on display at the Berkeley Hotel Ferrari showroom. The car features a Barchetta body style with no windscreen or roof, with the C-pillars artistically designed to act as roll bars.



Even though Pininfarina Sergio Concept has a fantastical design, one that would probably never pass any safety evaluation, there were talks of it being produced in limited numbers when it was first announced last year. That hasn’t happened as of yet, and will probably never will.


Recently, another prominent Italian design house, Stile Bertone, announced its bankruptcy with over $40 million in debt. They are going to have to sell their collection of concepts and design studies to pay the debt, but the trouble is since the collection is classified as national treasure in Italy, it has to be sold as a whole. By: motorward