Those of you who have no idea what’s PlastiDip, it’s a silicon spray in a can used to paint car rims, badges and even the vehicles. While the industry of PlastiDip has grown over the past several years, there’s one company which has stood at its center, the company named DipYourCar.  Plastidipped Ferrari 458 Italia Gets a Set of Customized Vossen Wheels

These guys have managed to change the technology from a simple way to paint wheels to a successful trend. Well, this Ferrari 458 Italia is an example of how impressive PlastiDip can look, yet the most amazing car seen, since you know, things reach a new level of awesomeness with Ferrari 458 Italia.

Plastidipped Ferrari 458 Italia Gets a Set of Customized Vossen Wheels-3

This specific car was plastidipped in a shade named Atlantic Blue. The very unique matte finish varies from dark pear green to blue, to a bit of purple depending on the light. It’s impressive how PlastiDip tops most regular paint finishes! DipYourCar has also collaborated with another Florida-based custom shop, Vossen Wheels which is known for revolutionary ideas. A set of wheels put on this Ferrari was also plastidipped in a shade dubbed Burned Copper Pearl.

Plastidipped Ferrari 458 Italia Gets a Set of Customized Vossen Wheels-2

Once fabricated, the alloys went through a multi-stage process that implies painting first and then PlastiDip. As a result, these wheels look like a combination of rally ones and exotic ones. What’s also cool about PlastiDip: it’s absolutely reversible and allows for the smallest shapes to be easily covered unlike the vinyl wraps.

Now, check out Fonzie, CEO of DipYourCar, customizing a set of Vossen VPS-308 Wheels for the freshly dipped 458 in a video! By: my.carid