Cars in movies are frankly kind of stupid. The last Avengers movie had a pointless barrage of Audis that made absolutely no sense in the context of an action flick. But once every decade or so, the stars click perfectly into place, and we get a fantastic Hollywood car like the Tumbler or the Audi RSQ.

You might not know that machine by its name, but if we tell you that it looked just like an Audi R8 and had spherical wheels, it will probably jog your memory.

Porsche 911 Cabriolet Turned into Audi RSQ

Detective Del Spooner’s beloved Audi gets pulverized by the rogue droids, but it puts up a good fight and performs awe-inspiring shenanigans like crabbing at high speed and spinning around like a top.

We need more movie cars like that! Audi still has the RSQ and the last time we checked it was sitting in its Hannover center. However, the spherical wheels would look just as good on a Porsche 911.

Graphic designer Khyzyl Saleem performed a sphere graft on the Carrera Cabriolet and gave us this futuristic beauty. In the context of the 2015 automotive industry, the technology of the “futuristic” study from the 2004 movie seems more believable. For example, the RSQ drove by itself most of the time, which is something Audi is currently developing by using an RS7 that’s even capable of racing on a circuit.

Some of the new design elements added to this 911 come from the Porsche Mission E concept that was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. That study is kind of a big deal because it’s a full-electric machine that it wants to build. They say you can charge it up in about half an hour and experience the joys of racing an electric Porsche on a track, partly because the next-gen batteries are placed low down.

Where we’re going with this story is that sometime in the future, you will be able to buy a 911 that looks like this, drives by itself and uses only electricity. Hmm, not sure how we feel about that. Both we and detective Spooner would like the steering wheel option. By: autoevolution