What do you do when the all-important LS Fest is coming up and the only thing you have around the house is a Porsche? Well, you could follow the example of the car in the video below, which has turned to an LS swap. That will certainly make you eligible for attending the GM V8 hearts event.

We are talking about a Porsche 911 belonging to the 996 generation. The Neunelfer has ditched the flat six that defines it, replacing its German heart with an LS3 powerplant.


What about the rest of the mods shown by this 911?

We hear you asking about the sleeper abilities of this Porsche and the answer revolves around a definitive “no”. Given the wide body kit installed on this Zuffenhausen machine, you can’t call it a sleeper. Not even if somebody worked his way around the tight engine compartment and fitted a pair of turbos to that V8.

While some of the best wide body 911s we know come from Rauh Welt-Begriff, the kit seen here isn’t as special as those manufactured by the Japanese tuner. Still, the machine doesn’t look half bad wearing these clothes – RWB’s Nakai San, the mastermind behind their infamous kits, doesn’t work on 996 (as far as we know).

The wheels also set this Porsche apart. Thanks to their fat lips, which were introduced to match the new fenders, their rollers probably have enough room to house a second set of brake calipers on the outside, where everybody could see the stopping hardware.

Unlike most owners of such projects, who love offering people a tour of their build, the guy who drives this Porsche didn’t want to talk about the machine. Sure, this is a 911 that speaks for itself, but we would’ve liked to know the juicy details at the back of the thing. By: autoevolution