It took Vossen Wheels’ affinity for the art of cinematography to produce a proper showcase of AutoFlex’s peelable paint treatment applied to this Porsche 911 Turbo. The short film they have made demonstrates beautifully what this color-shifting paint job is all about and how friggin’ awesome it looks!


Depending on the angle and the intensity of the light that hits it, the peelable paint seems a different shade. In this case it looks generally purple, but shifts to a mustardy yellow as you move around the car covering all the other hues in between. We have seen something similar on C J Wilson’s McLaren P1.

This color-shifting Porsche 911 Turbo also boasts a set of matte gold Vossen Forged VPS-301 and H&R springs for that perfect stance. It goes to show that even extreme modifications, when done right and tastefully, can turn the car into a work of art.

By: motorward