You may not know this, but the tuning scene in Thailand is pretty huge and there are some properly advanced tuners in that country hooking up exotic car owners with the latest mods from famous brands. This Porsche 991 Black Edition by Hitzproject is a case in point.


 They started out with a car already very special, the Porsche 991 Black Edition, and set about further customizing it. This bad boy is hands down one of the most nicely specced 991s we’ve ever seen anywhere in the world, what with the aero kit, paint finish, and of course, a complete Armytrix sport exhaust system that is the main subject of this post.

Porsche 991 Black Edition with Armytrix Exhaust

The system Hitzproject, in partnership with Armytrix Thailand, has picked for the Porsche 991 Black Edition is a stainless steel set complete with downpipes, mufflers with sport cats, and blacked-out, branded tailpipes.

What’s more, the system has the valve control feature with remote control, so the owner can choose what kind of volume he or she wants at any given moment. By: motorward