The guys at Topcar have been bombarding us with tuned versions of the Porsche Cayenne ever since the mid-life facelift came out. This one is the first based on the Turbo model and combines a carbon fiber hood with gold paint.

If you happen to think the Porsche Cayenne is a little bit ordinary, which it is, the Russians can fit one of their crazy body kits and change the entire appearance.


No two Vantage models (not related to Aston Martin in any way) are the same. This particular one happens to be painted gold. The most noticeable piece is a carbon fiber hood that redefines SUV exclusivity. The same material is also used by the new front bumper and chin spoiler, though in smaller quantities.


Just to make sure everybody can see the Cayenne has been widened, Topcar has created small air vents for the front and rear fender flares. They aren’t very practical, just like the side skirts. But you don’t install aero components on an SUV because you want to be practical, do you now?

Around the back of the beast, the Vantage badging is clearly displayed. New exhaust tips took center stage in the middle of the massive carbon fiber rear diffuser.


This striking kit is also accompanied by massive 22-inch carbon gray alloy wheels from Topcar’s go-to supplier, ADV.1. The ultimate status symbol would not be complete without engine mods. In this case, the 4.8-liter twin-turbo V8 has received 80 extra hp, bringing the grand total to a modest 600 PS.


Do you like it? Good news, you don’t have to buy the Cayenne Turbo, give it to Topcar and wait a few months. This particular model is available at the meager price of €206.629 ($234,500) including tax. There’s probably not another gold Cayenne in the world… unless you live in Dubai, in which case almost every Cayenne looks like this. By: autoevolution