There are nearly as many types of Porsche drivers as there are models sold by the German automaker. For example, there are soccer player wives who don’t know how to park their Cayennes and douches who like to rev their engines in the middle of the night for no good reason.

Right in between those very specific niches, Porsche could drop its first convertible… SUV.

The idea makes absolutely no sense, but there could be somebody working for the chrome trim division who just told their CEO the following flash idea: “Dieselgate and CO2 emissions? No, no, no. What we need to fix immediately is the lack of a convertible SUV before the Evoque sells a million units per week.”


In case you didn’t get the memo, Range Rover just put the Evoque Convertible on the shelf. It looks like a Halloween pumpkin, weighs as much as a Q7 and costs a small fortune. But this somewhat embarrassing off-roader may have the car industry on guard. If it sells, everybody will make one.

And that’s exactly why we’re looking at a rendering of a Macan Cabriolet, made by a fine fellow known to the internet as Virtuel Car. His photoshop attempt gives us a rough idea of what Porsche baby SUV would look like with no roof.

Technically, the Macan and Evoque are entirely different types of off-road vehicles. One is available exclusively with V6 engines (in America) while the other packs a four-banger. Also, there are about 13 inches of extra length for the German model. Still, the types of people who buy them have a lot in common, in that they want a small, premium vehicle with a famous badge.

Words can’t express how much we don’t want a roofless Macan, so instead we are going to use numbers. The European Evoque cabrio comes with a diesel engine pushing 180 horsepower to all four wheels via a 9-speed auto. Because it weighs so much, the 0 to 62 mph sprint is dealt with in 10.3 seconds. Unless we’re mistaken, every Scion model currently on sale is faster. By: autoevolution