Taking the dynamic canvas that is the art car to its next level, a Brazilian artist has stolen the show from BMW, and their role as official automotive sponsor. The Art Car concept is very much a BMW-inspired movement.  This school of design is inextricably linked with the German marque.  Indeed, in a mental game of association, when one hears the words ‘art car’, BMW is usually the next thing that pops into one’s head.  At this year’s Art Basel festival in Miami Beach however, it is another German supercar producer who is taking the limelight.


An offbeat Porsche 911 given pop art apparel by Brazilian artist Romero Britto has been very much of interest.  The official sponsor must be piqued to see the amount of attention the 991-generation 911 is receiving.  However since the best form of flattery is imitation, it is quite possible that BMW is secretly smiling.  Bugatti has also chosen to unwrap a Venet edition of its Veyron Grand Sport.

Commissioned by Champion Motorsport in Pompano Beach in Florida, the car certainly looks as if it belongs next to sea and sand.  The Porsche follows suit to other models daubed in Britto’s colourful motif.

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