While the Chrysler Group still hasn’t offered up a fifth-generation Dodge Viper Roadster that you can buy at your local dealership, the folks at Prefix have you covered with their Viper Medusa – a drop-top Mopar supercar that looks every bit as clean as any factory-built convertible sold in America.

Prefix Viper Roadster amazing in lemon lime

The odds are good that if you are a fan of the current Dodge Viper (or SRT Viper, if you prefer), you are familiar with Prefix. After the Connor Avenue production facility builds each new Viper, the supercar is shipped over to Prefix’s Auburn Hills facility for a high quality paint job. However, Prefix didn’t stop there with their involvement in the Viper lineup, announcing that while Dodge wouldn’t be building a Roadster version of the V10 supercar – they would be.

Prefix Viper Roadster amazing in lemon lime2

The Prefix custom Viper Roadster is technically called the Prefix Medusa and this $35,000 package (not including the base price of the car, of course) is available on just 10 vehicles. In addition to cutting off the fixed roof and adding a manual canvas convertible top, each Viper Medusa comes with a number dash plaque, unique Medusa exterior badges, a custom painted engine cross brace and coil covers, Medusa color matched floormats and a near-endless collection of exterior paint colors.

Prefix Viper Roadster amazing in orange medusa

It is unclear as to just how many Prefix Viper Roadsters have been built and sold, but their official Facebook page offers high resolution images of four of them and as you might have expected, they look incredible. As mentioned above, Prefix is the company responsible for painted every new 5th gen Viper, so they are also the folks responsible for the new Viper GTC package with over 8,000 1-of-1 custom paint codes and that leads to these Viper Roadsters being produced in some very unique hues.

Prefix Viper Roadster amazing in stryker green

So far, Prefix has offered up images of the Dodge Viper Roadster in Stryker Green (which is my favorite), Gunmetal, Kazem Orange and Lemon Lime, which is the yellowish-green shown below. Lemon Lime is by far the most unique, as the car is metallic yellow at first glance, but as the light hits the paint at different angles, you can see faint green accents. This color-shifting paint is just one example of the many colors that Prefix can apply to the 5th gen Viper and featuring it on one of their limited production Viper Roadsters just makes it that much cooler. By: allpar