It’s always nice to see how the White House can serve as the President’s race track, albeit with the speed being kept within reasonable limits

It’s been a few days since Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee showed us President Obama driving a classic Stingray Corvette and we have to admit we can’t be thankful enough for the season seven premiere.

President Obama Drives 1963 Corvette Around the White House

Why are we in such a deep “thank you” mood? Simply because the show made everybody happy.

It all starts with Mr. President, who is probably double-joyful over the event. For one thing, Obama didn’t miss the occasion to tell the world that such an experience behind the wheel was a childhood dream.

And that’s just half the story – when you steer American, you don’t get to play with an actual steering wheel too often. That’s the reason for which the drive took place around the White House. And it’s not difficult to imagine where the two had coffee.

Even non-car people should be glad this happened. For one thing, you don’t get to see the President’s playful nature too often and the same can be said about the chance to see inside the White House’s staff dining room.

Hooning fans shouldn’t be worried, as the President showed he knows what burning a bit of rubber means.

Corvette fans, and General Motors, for that matter, should be pretty enthusiastic about the story too, Seinfeld brought along a 1963 split-window powered by a 327 V8 and using a three-pedal setup.

As for those wondering whether Mr. President belongs in a show whose name talks about comedians, we want to remind them this is not the first time Obama ventures into such territory. The White House Correspondents’ Dinner serves as a testament to that. You can grab a slice of the action in the footage below. By: autoevoluiton