Prior Design’s PD8000GT wide body kit Mercedes AMG GT continues to makes headlines, this time inadvertently. This time the unique Prior Design AMG GT was caught out in the wild, refueling on its way to France for an important event.


This unique red and black Prior Design AMG GT with gold ADV1 wheels was apparently on its way from Germany to Top Marques Monaco show in Monte Carlo, hence the special wrap and those flashy wheels. What we like most is that despite its Samurai styling, wide fenders, and massive fins, the car is still pretty usable and fairly practical.


That is not something you can say about most other wide body cars. That doesn’t mean Prior Design AMG GT fails at being an impressive wide body eye candy though. In fact, it is one of the nicest examples we’ve ever seen – one that doesn’t seem wrong from any angle. The package consists of a set of wide fenders, custom skirts and sills, and carbon fiber spoiler and flaps, plus a large ducktail spoiler.


By: motorward