Prior-Design Ferrari 458 Italia is a car to admire. It was specifically created to catch the attention of the visitors at Top Marques Monaco. And under the expertise of Prior-Design specialists I am sure it will definitely do so. As a matter of fact, this is the standout member of the tuning company’s “Monaco-Line-up”, shining strong in its new aero body kit.


Custom Exterior

This beautiful mat grey Ferrari features a number of exterior changes which make it truly unique. They are all announced as the PD458 aerodynamic kit. But what does this package include and how does it change the super sports car?

The first step in the modification process of the Prior-Design Ferrari 458 Italia was to change the front bumper with new one and to add to it spoiler lip. The designers also agreed on adding Cup-Wings and an all-new bonnet.


What is more, the new side skirts smoothen the air flow along the flanks of the car. At the rear, there is a new bumper with diffuser and tailgate spoiler. This creates more downforce over the rear axle and also reduces drag by minimising turbulence from the airflow separation.

Prior-Design Ferrari 458 Italia runs on in-house made alloy wheels that come in 9.0×21-inch at the front and 12.5×22-inch at the rear.


Engine Remap

Powering this Ferrari Italia is the mid-mounted 4.5 litre flat-plane crank V8 engine. In its standard form it produces 570 hp (420 kW). However, the engineers at Prior-Design decided to stand out and developed a Power-Package. It actually adds extra 45 horses, contributing for a total output of 615 hp (452 kW).

Next, to the engine software remap, the conversion also helps in the reduction of exhaust back-pressure thanks to the equal-length manifolds, 100-cell race-grade metal catalysts and a free-flow stainless steel sports silencer with sound valve control.


At last, Prior-Design has also revealed that this conversion has been extensively tested on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife track. By: automobilesreview