The next Prior Design Ferrari 458 boasting the non-wide body PD458 styling kit we get to drool all over is a Grigio grey Spider from America. What sets this bad boy apart, in addition to the styling kit of course, is a set of elegant Forgiato wheels.

Prior Design Ferrari 458 on Forgiato Wheels

What’s particularly amazing about the Forgiatos on this Prior Design Ferrari 458 is that, unlike most other Forgiatos, they look fairly simple and don’t even feature a crazy color.

The 7-Y-spoke rims comes in matte black and the only garnish on them are the red brake calipers. The simplicity is what makes these rims look seriously cool. They also work very well with the styling package.



Speaking of styling, Prior Design Ferrari 458 PD458 features one of the most unique body kits available for the Italian super car.


You can order it as a wide body if you want to, but as it is, the PD458 looks pretty awesome what with the custom carbon fiber bumpers, wings, skirts, front spoiler, side flaps, rear diffuser, and the custom mesh grille, not to mention the vented bonnet that profoundly alters the looks of the car.

So what would you choose? This, or a brand-new Ferrari 488 GTB? By: motorward