We have already shown you the magnificent Prior Design Mercedes AMG GT wide body in a variety of situations. But seeing as this car is one of the neatest wide body treatments ever built, and also one of the coolest tuned AMG GTs ever built, here’s a fresh set of photos displaying the car with its new Vossen kicks.


Originally built for SEMA, Prior Design Mercedes AMG GT hit Europe full force, getting a unique wrap for Essen and then turning red for a private customer. As mentioned, this car boasts one of the nicest wide body kits ever designed for any car. These kits usually tend to look awkward and burdensome to the style of the vehicle. But PD’s treatment for the AMG GT not only looks great, it actually improves the original design in more ways than one.


This particular Prior Design Mercedes AMG GT boasts a lovely blue paint job garnished with some custom graphics and three colors of the German flag, signifying the nationality of Prior Design as a German company and the GT as a German sports car. But this car features a set of very American Vossen wheels – polished VPS-307 models – made in Miami, showing once again that Germans and Americans achieve do great thing when they work together.


By: motorward