McLaren Special Operations Heritage division is selling one of their most prized possessions, a virtually brand-new McLaren F1. Boating chassis number #069, this F1 is one of the last production units and has only 2,800 original miles on the clock.

Pristine McLaren F1 Offered for Sale by MSO

This car was the 60th McLaren F1 produced in 1998, finished in Carbon Black with 17-inch magnesium wheels in a stealth color. What’s more, the car comes with the correct numbered McLaren F1 book, fitted luggage, complete Facom titanium lightweight tool kit, Facom tool box and limited edition owner’s watch which will be presented to whomever buys this rare piece of automotive history.

Pristine McLaren F1 Offered for Sale by MSO Itnerior

McLaren Special Operations has not revealed the price of this F1, but we know that examples less fine than this can fetch upwards of 10 million USD at auctions, so go figure. Mechanically, this pampered McLaren F1 is like the others, featuring a 6.1 liter V12 engine with 636PS (627bhp) and a lightweight body which enabled the vehicle to be the fastest car in the world for 20 years (before the Veyron was born) with a top speed of 390.7km/h (242.8 mph).

Pristine McLaren F1 Offered for Sale by MSO Sideview REar

The sale of this F1 will not only bring in some serious cash for MSO, it will also put in spotlight their heritage division which is responsible maintenance, restoration, and personalization of old McLarens. By: motorward