The SLR McLaren was once Mercedes’ halo car, but the machine remains a very striking and exotic appearance even today.

In other words, it remains one of the most sought-after, hard-to get Mercs out there, even though the Germans produced plenty of units (if you don’t take into account the exclusive, supercar-royalty 722 and Stirling Moss models).

Project Kahn SLR McLaren-front

Granted, with about 2,000 built, you can say the SLR is “massed produced” only if you compare it with the Maserati MC12, the Ferrari F50, the Bugatti Veyron or other exclusive supercars; but even so, you’ll probably come across, inadvertently, over an example (or two) looking for an owner, like this Kahn-tuned example.

Project Kahn SLR McLaren-open up

Sporting some “subtle” visual cues, like the humongous Kahn-rims, this Roadster is offered for sale by the British tuning house for £349,875 ($531,162). A “hefty” price tag, but considering the fact that you get a rare car with a lot of racing pedigree and heritage (from both Mercedes and McLaren), with only 9,897 miles (~16,000 km) of strain on its 5,439 cc, 617 hp V8, and – probably – a nice set of wheels, it doesn’t seem so outrageous.

Project Kahn SLR McLaren-frontface

Don’t forget, it may look like a Grand Tourer, but it’s actually a proper supercar, sporting a 19-inch brake system, capable of reaching a max top speed of 334 km/h (207 mph), but not before sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.8 seconds.

Project Kahn SLR McLaren-rear

Kahn says this is one of only nine similar cars registered on UK roads and represents “an incredible investment opportunity that will only appreciate in value”. There’s no argue with them, the SLR McLaren is a future classic. By: Carscoops