Las Vegas startup, PSC Motors, has revealed more details about its hybrid monster, as well as more computer renderings of it.

When PSC Motors teased its hypercar last week, the automaker was thinking of competing with Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren and Koenigsegg, now it seems to rival with Underground Racing or Alpha Performance.


Well, the first time that the PSC SP-200 SIN was teased its total amount of power was 1700 horsepower, a stunning number enough to beat Regera‘s 1500hp or even the next Veyron (Bugatti Chiron), which supposedly has the same amount of power of Koenigsegg’s Regera. Now, PSC Motors says that its hypercar can develop 2400 hp.


This giant power is produced by a 9.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, which develops 1650 hp on its own, in conjunction with an electric motor, which delivers an additional 750hp. To put all this power on the ground through the rear wheels, an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission with five adjustable driving would be used.


The PSC SP-200 SIN is said to be built with a bespoke chassis from carbon fiber and Aluminium to a final weight of 3750 lbs (1.360 kg).


And about the performance figures? Well, according to PSC Motors, SP-200 SIN hybrid hypercar may be able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 2.6 seconds, while the top speed exceeds 280 mph (450 km/h).

PSC says it’s taking orders for the first five examples of its hybrid machine and intends to start production in 2016. By: sssupersports