Another rendering with the brand new Renault Alaskan Concept is showing us how this may look like in its final production form.

Renault has officially pulled the wraps off the new Alaskan Concept a few week back and we have already had the chance to check it out in a possible production form, in yet another rendering. However, since two opinions definitely beat one, a new rendering is currently placing the model in question into the spotlights once again. Renault-Alaskan-Concept-rendered-as-a-production-vehicle

The image posted below is showing us a more real version of the Renault Alaskan which is drawing some inspiration from the Nissan Navara and also from the Dacia Duster. We can notice the toned down front fascia of the vehicle, the small chrome trim, the silver roof rails, the production wheels on which this is riding and the overall design of the model which isn’t looking half bad.


The Renault Alaskan Concept is looking more exciting than the Duster Oroch, with its full LED technology, 21-inch wheels and unique design. The one-off vehicle has a load bed large enough to accommodate camping gear, surfboards, mountain bikes and so on. The one-off vehicle has the satin-effect brushed paint combined with polished metallic accents and it is making use of a four-cylinder longitudinally mounted turbo diesel engine, from the Master Range. Rumor has it that this will be offered in several body styles and it should provide a maximum payload of 1,000 kg. By: inautonews