We might be some 13 decades away from the invention of the automobile, but despite the technical complexity of our modern contraptions, design still sells. And for those of you who wanted to know what car designers do when they want to unwind, Renault has an answer.

This, of course, comes in the form of a concept car, one that has been created to celebrate 50 years since the passing of Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier (design aficionados know him by his real name, Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris).


 While Le Corbusier was one of the pioneers of modern architecture, with plenty of his structures accommodating people all over the world, this concept won’t have a direct link to a production car. So you shouldn’t expect Renault to build a Grand Tourer such as this one anytime soon.


Here’s the automaker’s explanation: “It all began two years ago. The Design teams at Groupe Renault regularly work on future-looking topics unrelated to our range renewals. The exercise helps them to explore new ways forward and brings creative staff ‘recreational’ moments.”


While more than one of us here in the autoevolution office saw Citroen DS styling cues here and there, we won’t insist on this. And that’s because the end result is nothing short of appealing, if you ask us. Sure, it won’t make it into production, but in an era where Chinese copycats and bland design are threatening our eyes, we love such styling exercises.


We have to mention this isn’t the first time when Renault shares its platonic design fantasies with us. Back in March, the French carmaker jumped on the Vision Gran Turismo bandwagon, introducing a concept dedicated to the world of virtual racing. We’ve added a video of the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo below.

Speaking of Alpine, we were just discussing the marque’s revival with a Renaultsport official yesterday, and it seems their all-new sportscar will be revealed over the coming months. By: autoevolution