For Trafic customers who are looking to give their vans a more distinctive, sporty look, the French company has come up with a sport package that visually enhances the vehicle’s style.


 Named the new Sport+ body-kit, it takes its inspiration from the Renaultsport range and can be installed on all variants of the van. It’s priced at $1,514 and consists of front and rear spoilers, front fog-light surrounds, side running boards and striped decals, designed to fit the contours of the Trafic’s side panels. The kit also packs LED daytime running lights positioned in the lower grille and can be ordered, optionally, in any of the ten available body colors.

Mind you, the side decals can be chosen in black, red, or white, to match the overall hue, while multiple silver elements are housed in the front spoiler, side running boards and front fog-lights. The rear spoiler is offered only in black, though.


This is as sporty as a Trafic can get straight out of the factory, which means its four diesel engines are completely stock. No matter; you don’t expect to go racing in a van now, do you?  By: Carscoops