It is kinda sad to see a legendary super car like the McLaren Mercedes SLR given the banana treatment, but hey, super cars are supposed to be ridiculous, aren’t they. What we have here is a Renntech-tuned SLR Convertible, wrapped in yellow film, with smoked lights, riding on ADV1 Wheels.


Renntech-SLR-Convertible-on-ADV1-7 A pretty unique combination then. The wheels are 20-inch front and 21-inch in the rear, from the ADV05 series with deep concave at the back and matte black finish. Renntech has tuned the supercharged V8 engine in this car up to 750 hp and near as makes no difference 1000 Nm of torque.



It certainly looks yummy this car, but we would never want to be seen in a shiny yellow Mercedes with large wheels. Think of the message you send out about yourself! By: motorward