Car enthusiasts can be divided into two groups: those who prefer muscle cars in their original form and those who go for custom work done. The latter results in certain improvements and therefore more personality if compared to the stock models. dodge_charger_hre_wheels_frontview

With that being said, this late 1960’s Charger will be appreciated by those who make the magic with the modifications done. Well, this muscle car has nothing to do with magic, but trust us, it doesn’t get sleeker than this.

While the bodywork looks absolutely flawless, the HRE Wheels this Charger sits on, are lean and mean. Not only these custom wheels add personality to the car, but they help the Charger maintain its retro look.



It is hard to tell what year this model is since the owner might have added some exterior elements in order to improve the looks of the car, but it’s definitely the second-gen model. As for its size, it’s just great that no more additional inches were given underneath those gorgeous fenders.


You know, sometimes words are not enough to describe the beauty. Well, this is just the case. You rather enjoy the pictures yourself and feel free to share your opinion in the comments section!  By: my.carid