BMW has just lifted the press embargo on the M2, and the first media test drives have gone live. From a quick look around the web, the general conscious is that the new M2 seems like a worthy successor to the 1M Coupe, packing a balanced chassis and a crisp and powerful 3.0-liter turbocharged six with only some minor quibbles. New-BMW-M2-Blue-Frontview

For example, Car&Driver supports that the information coming through the light electro-mechanical steering “is distant and faint”, while Autocar’s beef is with the cabin, stating that “at this money, the overall quality of the interior is disappointing”.


Mashable’s Nick Jayne’s conclusion was that “if you’re OK with not having the most dynamic looking — or sounding — sports coupe on the road. And you’ve come to terms that your daily driver doesn’t need to look like a race car, you’ll absolutely fall for the M2”.

If you find any additional video reviews of the M2 on the web, give us a nudge and we’ll drop them in this post. By: Carscoosp