You know what was missing? A modified Lamborghini Huracan.

The beauty of Lamborghini’s entry-level offering is that it lends itself to tuners. Even though it comes with a naturally aspirated 5.2-litre V10, the powerplant is sturdy enough to withstand a plethora of high-end, high-demanding mods that can catapult its performance figures. That’s why we’ve seen Huracans with over a thousand horsepower, boasting twin-turbocharged systems and interesting upgrades.


 Even in terms of design, the raging bull looks pointy and aggressive enough to be transformed into a monster with ease and without using complex body-kit, albeit there are tuners trying to make it even more hardcore than it already is (and they succeed).

So, it comes as no surprise to see RevoZport taking advantage of the Huracan’s attributes, making it into a “no-compromise” hypercar. In fact, we might just say it takes the Lambo’s qualities a bit further.


Called the Razmig this Huracan comes with a tuning-industry first carbon-fiber rear diffuser with active aerodynamic components. According to RevoZport, the flaps can be lowered with just a push of a button to deliver extra downforce.

The LP 610-4 Spyder variant even comes with carbon-fiber cross-frames inside both doors to make it more rigid. Furthermore, the tuner offers carbon hood, carbon doors, carbon fenders, a front splitter with dive planes, side scoop extensions as well as a carbon GT spoiler – components which shave-off 100 kg of the car’s total weight.


The 5.2-litre V10 wasn’t stressed with heavy mods, though, as RevoZport “only” bumped the power up by 90 hp to make it develop a total output of 700 hp. Mind you, the powerplant remains naturally aspirated, as the power increase was made possible thanks to a tuned ECU, an upgraded intake system and a Formula One-grade Inconel exhaust. By: Carscoops