It was known for a while that many examples of road legal McLaren P1 GTR are being prepared all over the world for those who are not satisfied with the standard version of the hyper car. This here is NOT the first one, but it is the first to actually take to the streets and act road legal!

Road Legal McLaren P1 GTR Takes Monaco by Storm

 And where else could it do that other than Monte Carlo, the world’s number one destination for ultra exotic hyper cars. We just love how comfortably this road legal McLaren P1 GTR sits on the street next to that Lamborghini, even though none of the racing paraphernalia on its body has been lost during the conversion.

Road Legal McLaren P1 GTR

And that’s pretty much all the appeal of this car. You want it to look like the bona fide racing car that it is, but comply with rules and regulations of public roads. And that’s what the homologation process is all about. God only knows how much it’s cost, though. I mean the P1 GTR itself is about 2 million British pounds, so by the time it becomes road legal it could be knocking on the door of 3 million quid. It’s probably worth it considering how cool the end result is.

By: motorward