With the support of TRA Kyoto and TOMEI, Robb Ferguson unveils his ’70s-racer-inspired Nissan 240SX

There are few people in the car scene who have as much energy and enthusiasm over all things Nissan 240SX as Robb Ferguson. He is literally an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to the S-chassis platform. Luckily, I can say I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this guy before he built this shred machine, so seeing this build come out of nowhere for SEMA blew my mind!

Robb Ferguson's Rocket Bunny Boss 1996 Nissan 240SX Frontview

The story starts four years ago when Robb made plans to build the perfectly good, daily-driven S14 sitting in his garage. He had zero desire to run an SR20 but had always dreamed of the TOMEI KA24-DET turbo setup since he was a young chap. Following his dreams, he befriended the fellas at TOMEI-and the rest was history. TOMEI developed a factory-quality turbo kit for Robb and also arranged a meeting with Kei Miura (aka Mr. Rocket Bunny himself) to discuss using a Rocket Bunny kit on the car for SEMA…

Robb Ferguson's Rocket Bunny Boss 1996 Nissan 240SX

“I had heard of the Boss kit before the reveal and upon seeing it, I knew it would be the only thing that could convince me not to run a Zenki front end,” Robb explained. “I instantly recognized the design influence from the B110 Sunny. So this light bulb went off… I could make my car look like a Sunny that TOMEI raced in the ’70s.”

Robb Ferguson's Rocket Bunny Boss 1996 Nissan 240SX Back Sideview

Since Robb also happens to be extremely talented in the world of car art, he decided to sketch a mock of what he thought the new Rocket Bunny Boss kit might look like. During his first meeting with Miura-san, Robb presented his drawing to Miura and was immediately greeted with laughter and disbelief. It turns out, the drawing was identical to the Boss kit Miura had envisioned. Mind you, this is before the rendering had been released to the public! We kid you not, these two literally argued over whose photo/drawing it was. I wish I were there for that conversation.

Robb Ferguson's Rocket Bunny Boss 1996 Nissan 240SX Engine Machine

I can imagine it was mostly pointing and tons of confused faces because of the language barrier! Nonetheless, they finally agreed that it was impossible for Robb to see what Miura had planned for the kit, and fate just somehow brought them together. At the end of the meeting, Miura agreed on a sweet deal on a complete Rocket Bunny Boss body kit for Robb, just as long as he could have the drawing and have his car confirmed at SEMA. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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