Onyx Concept has created a bespoke program for the luxurious Rolls-Royce Ghost.

If you are looking for a luxury cruiser chances are an S-Class, a 7-Series or an A8 are the vehicles of choice, but add some extra cash and the Rolls-Royce Ghost becomes available. We won’t even be talking about the Phantom because this is in a league of its own.

Rolls-Royce Ghost by Onyx Concept

However, trying to modify a Rolls-Royce has a pretty good chance of completely ruining the vehicle so when it comes to tuning and the iconic brand, the two of them don’t go very well hand in hand. But there are always exceptions from this rule and Onyx Concept is proving us that every car has the potential of being tuned and still look good.


The model pictured below is a modified Rolls-Royce Ghost which has been signed by the aforementioned tuning company. This has been named the Rolls-Royce Ghost San Moritz and it has received a redesigned custom sports bumper, a satin-carbon spoiler which is hand-crafted, sportier side skirts, a sporty rear spoiler, a rear diffuser with the custom quad exhaust tailpipes and several other goodies which are working together to provide it with a new look.


Let’s not forget the 22-inch bespoke alloy wheels either or the slightly lowered ride height. Onyx Concept has also boosted the 6.6 liter V12 engine with 50 HP more than the standard model but this is still far from being considered a sporty car. No pricing details for these modifications have been announced at this time. By: inautonews