This in an amazing older build, based on 2003 Ducati Multistrada 1000DS. It is called “Biuta” and it was built by the Carlo Roscio and his brother over a period of two years, in Pavia, Italy.

The idea of the build was to make only a few subtle changes, however as we can see from the pictures, things got out of hand very fast. This build is not your usual “over the counter parts” type of build. This is a special project as Carlo and his brother created this bike using a plethora of parts not originally designed for this motorcycle, and this makes it a beautiful custom build in its true form.

It is not easy to recognize the Ducati Multistrada from which this was created, since all that remained from the original bike are the two-cylinder 1000 DS engine, the frame and the gas tank.

Ducati Multistrada 1000DS

After a thorough break-in, the stock bike was completely disassembled and laid on the floor of the shop. The first modification was that of the rear subframe, that was cut and a more streamlined aluminum subframe was then fabricated in its place. The aluminum subframe connected to the trellis frame through billet fabricated mounts that were made in-house using a drill press, a lathe and a milling machine.


To fabricate the new rear subframe it was necessary to build a template that was somewhat similar to the original Ducati subframe. After the chop and fabrication of the new subframe they sandblasted the engine, to give it that racing look. The engine was brought to SAB of Pavia, entrusted to the skilled hands of Gabriel, which modified it with a Ducati Performance slipper clutch and a lightened flywheel.


Carlos decided that the “Aprilia RSV” rear end would be perfect for this build. He made a mold from the seat cover, the rear assembly of the RSV, and the upper part of the tail which also includes the two stop lights, keeping the opening mechanism to access the original Ducati small storage area.

This was done in-house with a DIY kit from Prochima in order to make those “home-made” carbon fiber parts. Their attention focused on the tank next, that remained close to the original in its form. The tank was closed with the resin at the rear, while at the front they embedded two LED arrows taken from a Volkswagen Touran.


The 2 in 1 Zard exhaust system, was hand welded, and gives the bike that vintage and modern look at the same time. The rear sets are aftermarket adjustable Buell units. An oil cooler by MOCAL (widely used in car racing), was positioned laterally, to lessen the visual impact at  the front of the bike. The suspension is new; the rear shock is a Ohlins unit for a Honda CBR, that was shortened and re-calibrated by the specialists of K-Service and the fork is also Ohlins, (specific to a Honda VTR SP2) mounted on steering yokes by Style and Performance.

Ducati Multistrada 1000DS

The wheels are forged aluminum Marchesini. All the components of the braking system are Beringer, with 3-piston calipers and radial master cylinder and clutch.

The handlebars were sourced from an Aprilia RSV.The instruments were slightly repositioned, and the headlight is a Yamaha MT-03. The paint job was also done in-house, and the choice of white and blue paint matched well with the black frame. This is an amazing build that took a lot of man hours over a period of two years. Check out the gallery for the rest of the build. By: il-ducatista