Thai tuner ProDrive has recently finished working on a very special car for a customer with, evidently, a great taste in style. The car in question is a RUF Porsche Cayman S Type 981 in yellow equipped with a set of exclusive ADV1 wheels.   RUF-Porsche-Cayman-S-0

Now, RUF body kits are not to everyone’s taste since they have an air of vintage about them, what with the design of the bumpers and grilles. Then again, a lot of people are attracted to their products exactly because of that quality. The aero kit on this RUF Porsche Cayman S consists of revised bumpers with a carbon front spoiler and rear diffuser and carbon mirrors.



The tuner does not mention anything in the way of a performance upgrade, but those massive quad tailpipes at the back are telltale signs of some trickery under the bonnet. What’s more, we have a sneaking suspicion the suspension has been tampered with as well, because those 20-inch ADV05 mv2 CS-Series in Liquid Smoke sit way too pretty inside the fenders.


All in all, ProDirve’s RUF Porsche Cayman S is one of the finest tuned example of the German sports car we’ve seen to date. It’s a shame RUF is kind of camera shy and does not like the spotlight. We should be seeing more from them. By: motorward