Only a few hours ago we showed a custom Lamborghini Aventador with a 50th Anniversary kit and a race exhaust, and called it the best specced Aventador ever. While we stand by that statement in terms of mechanical features, we may have spoken too soon about the car’s styling. We just came across this satin black Aventador with orange accents and Forgiato wheels, and it’s unspeakably hot.  Satin-Black-Aventador-18

Normally we wouldn’t approve of orange accents on such an aggressive looking car as the Aventador. But they work big time on this car. In fact we cannot imagine another color that would have the same effect on this rich shade of black. Impressive Wrap, the shop where this car was wrapped, call this color Burnt Orange, which sounds appropriate.


The coolest thing is the placement of the orange accents on this satin black Aventador. You find it around the air vents in the front bumper, side skirts, rear fenders, rear diffuser, and best of all, on half of the spokes on each of the extremely sexy Forgiato NAVAJA-ECX wheels.


These are the perfect rims for the overall looks achieved by that unique wrap. By: motorward