We are huge fans of camo wraps, especially when they are applied to appropriate cars. Often you find this pattern on Ferraris and Lamborghinis, and that’s cool. Dodge Viper in Desert Camo Wrap

But a desert camo wrap works best when applied to an American car, preferably one that looks vicious and has the power to obliterate the earth if it wants to!

Dodge Viper in Desert Camo Wrap

This awesome first-gen Dodge Viper then ticks all the right boxes. It features a rather unique desert camo wrap, accented with matte black parts.


The V10 super car also benefits from a number of Mopar high-performance parts such as the special wheels, unique roof arrangement, red interior, and a central twin exhaust system which is said to boost the power output from the standard 450 horsepower to 580.


So this is how it should be done. Tailpipes the size of the barrels of a .50 Cal machine gun, tires as wide as Arizona, and that camo on top. Is it just us, or this car does kind of look like Tommy Franks in his signature desert uniform? All it needs are four stars on the bonnet and it’s there!

By: motorward