You probably remember this truck from 2015 SEMA show. It was one of the vehicles Forgiato boys were very proud of being involved with. Built by Sic Ryde and christened “Sic Load”, this one-of-a-kind Chevrolet Silverado is quite possibly the sickest and most unique example of the car in the whole world.  Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado Is truly Sick!

 To be honest with you we are not aware of the technical details of Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado, but who cares really, when it looks this… well, sick. This is not so much tuning as making art using the vehicle as a canvas, if just for the fact that they have completely ruined the truck’s practicality and usability for the sake of a unique and interesting look.

Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado 2

Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado is equipped with a custom body with front flaps, side skirts, revised rear-end, and custom running boards, and fitted with a cargo box at the back which gives it the look of a SUV.

The biggest highlight of this truck, however, is the “bagging” with the extreme lowering of the air suspension and those absolutely massive Forgiato wheels. They look like, we imagine, what a Roman Knight would put on his prized chariot.



The Sic Load Chevrolet Silverado is based on a 3500HD Crew Cab Long Box Dual Rear Wheel model, most likely with four-wheel-drive and the most powerful engine available to haul all that mass. By: motorward