Everybody knows that Japanese tuners are completely crazy when it comes to modifying exotic cars, but this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador is just off the hook – even by their standards. Then again, it’s put together and painted in this manner by a tuner that calls itself God Hand, so… you know…

Finished in a ghastly shade of pink and adorned with car tattoos in little crystals all over its body, this loopy Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador features a full set kit with the bolt-on wide fenders and everything, plus a much exaggerated version of LB-Works aero kit with a massive, two-tier front splitter, chunky side sills, a rear diffuser modeled on the horns of the devil, and a ginormous rear wing. Honestly, words are incapable of describing this… monster… this monstrosity. Just look at the pictures:




By: motorward