Talk about a unique combo. Clearly not happy with the way his car looked, the owner of this McLaren 12C decided to give it a complete makeover by having it wrapped and getting a new set of wheels. That’s pretty normal. It’s the colors they’ve picked that sets this treatment apart from the others.


A resident of Shanghai, this McLaren 12C is wrapped in an admittedly gorgeous, but undeniably showy metallic bright blue which is the color of a clear spring sky. This is great alternative to all those chrome wraps we’re seeing more and more these days. It’s not as shiny, but it will turn a great number of necks.


The most peculiar part of this car, however, is the wheels. Not the rims themselves, they are actually world-class Vossen Forged Precision Series VPS-306 (20×9 front 21×12 rear) model which look amazing. It’s the color, a sort of rich candy red which makes an interesting contrast with the exterior finish. Again, we like to look at this color, but we wouldn’t want to be seen driving a car that sports them.


By: motorward