Spyker is available in 16 color choices. Even though, the customer can also choose color what they want. As well as optional colors racing spyker Squadron GT2. Spyker selected these companies because of their high quality standards and their flexibility to meet the specific requirements of the owner wanted to give them a unique appearance Zagato. Some standard colors exclusive to C8 Aileron.


Inspired by the company’s aviation heritage, Spyker’s second-generation sports car features cues from second-generation aircraft propulsion, highlighting the turbine blade, rather than the propeller which adorned many elements of Spyker’s first generation cars.


In the specification, this car offers the machine with a capacity of 4.2 liter V8 type with the feature blocks with powerunit angle 90 degrees, 40 valve [5-valve per-cylinder, 3 intake and 2 exhaust], and variable valve timing is good.

In discharging this engine is capable of displaying said responsiveness are excellent while speeding down the road, the engine was capable of producing id 400 at 6,800 rpm as well as a huge boost of torque (480 Nm at only 3500 rpm), ensuring improved driveability to riders who like the snap of the massive in driving.


In accordance with the philosophy of Spyker’s are committed to delivering a pure sportscar experience driving in this car, drivetrain not equipped with limited-slip differential or any other mechanical or electronic aids have all been designed in original drive sportcar. By: sillydad