After upgrading an X5M with Hamann goodies and power kit, DS Automobile of Switzerland have given a similar treatment to a BMW X6M. This one is a lot hotter though, owing to the more exciting shape of the X6 and also the stealthy paint work on this particular car.

Stealthy BMW X6M by DS Automobile

In fact, DS affectionately call their new BMW X6M “stealth bomber.” There is some truth to that pompous name, given the awesome matte gunmetal paint job which makes the whole thing look like a stealthy aircraft, and the fact that it has as much power as a bomber. And it can deploy that power with deadly effect.

Stealthy BMW X6M by DS Automobile Rear

DS BMW X6M benefits from Hamann power package including software and exhaust system which boosts the output of the car’s 4.4 liter bi-turbo V8 from 560 horsepower to 650 horsepower. The car also features lowering springs and fender flares, both of which are employed to make the 22-inch Hamann Anniversary EvO black line wheels look better under the car.

Stealthy BMW X6M by DS Automobile Sideview

This is just the right amount of tuning a car like the X6M needs. You can mess around with body kits and silly wraps and thousand-horsepower quad-turbo engines. But chances are you’ll end up with something rather ridiculous. If it’s coolness you are after, this is it. By: motorward