Yes, it’s yet another gem from the treasure trove that is the Dubai-based Alain Class Motors. This time they want to show you what we believe is the second Pagani Huayra to be delivered at the showroom, and it’s a pretty unique example sporting an amazing blue paint job.   Blue-Pagani-Huayra

What sure what this shade is called exactly (royal blue, maybe?) but it sure looks incredible. Most of the Pagani Huayras delivered lately feature frankly ridiculous two-tone paint works which makes them exclusive and one of a kind for sure, but not more pleasing to look at. So it’s quite refreshing to see one in a simple and elegant color with no unnecessary extra garnish.

Blue-Pagani-Huayra Interior

Blue-Pagani-Huayra sideview

The only thing complementing the blue paint job on Alain Class Huayra is all the naked carbon fiber parts making up the front bumper and grille, side skirts, rear diffuser, the roof and the pillars. The interior follows the same blue and black theme, only in there they have also introduced some white, creamy leather to make the whole thing feel more special.

Blue-Pagani-Huayra Rear

And special this Huayra certainly is. Apart from the color and the one-off interior design, the car also features a Sonus Faber audio system which, we think we are right in saying, is the most expensive option ever fitted to any car ever. The 700 hp V12 AMG engine looks like a mere accessory compared to this high-end system! By: motorward