With the Impreza Concept being one of the most interesting cars at the Tokyo Motor Show, it was only a matter of time until we saw it rendered into something we can all look forward to.

If the real life next-generation model would look precisely like this rendering, it might just be the one of the sportiest and most aggressive-looking cars in its segment. And keep in mind, the C-segment currently doesn’t really have anything that will blow you away with its appearance. subaru-impreza-5thgen-rendering-2

For one, the all-new Opel Astra came out recently and while there’s nothing really wrong with the way it looks, would it really hold a candle to the Impreza if indeed Subaru would keep the body design low, wide and muscular? If we had a magic 8-Ball, it would probably reply using the words ‘Hell’ and ‘No’, in that order.

So then let’s spot the differences between this rendering and the Impreza Concept that debuted in Tokyo. First of all, the spoiler has been toned down (despite keeping its original shape) and the fog lights are simple and round instead of slightly pointy.


Up next, the headlights have been completely removed from the realm of fantasy and brought into reality – which is something the Photoshoper accomplished really well. And while the grille is the same, the wheels feature a less spectacular design, as one would expect from a production model.

Looking at the profile, we can easily notice the addition of practical door handles and mirrors, with the latter being placed on the doors themselves like on the current generation Impreza or Levorg.

Moving on to the rear of the car, the taillights maintain a very dynamic design, though aren’t split in the middle anymore like the ones on the concept car. So how about it, would you guys be happy if your next-gen Subaru Impreza looked exactly like this?

By: Carscoops