The guys at SR Auto Group have tuned so many Lamborghini Aventadors, they have become an authority in this field. With their latest Aventador they have taken a different approach, going for a neat and clean look instead of the usual over the top, extreme design Lambo owners like vey much.


Rocking a 50th Anniversary aero kit, this two-tone red and black Lamborghini Aventador gets a set of PUR RS08 wheels in sizes 20×9 inch on the front and 21×12.5 inch on the rear. It is the paint finish on these rims that set them and this project apart. Normally, SR would go some brash color like red or gold or what have you. This time though, it’s a simple, elegant, and classy Gloss Brilliant Silver.


This Aventador is still far from inconspicuous, what with the carbon top and black front spoiler, side skirt, and rear diffuser contrasting the candy red finish of the body. It just strikes a nice balance between looking aggressive and sporty and a dignified appearance.


We have to make special mention of the limited edition 50th Anniversary kit which works wonders for the car. It is by far the best body ever designed for this model, which is not saying much, since it’s a factory job. By: motorward